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Some Rules

I'm just wondering how many people would be reasonable to have on a Guyball team? Five? Seven? I would set up a poll, but alas, I cannot. Just post here what you think. We need enough people for it to be fun, but then there are only so many friends who are willing to start screaming French words with baskets on their heads in public. So, any thoughts?

Also, I have some of the Guyball rules

Guyball Strategic Holds and Distractions

In Guyball a player may include any number of strategic holds against another player in order to slow down their playing pace and distract them from their task. A few of the hundreds available are listed below:

Maison -When you wrap your arms tightly around an opponent to prevent them from moving (not to be confused with the Maison, the pitch term)

Emmental Loop -When you place your foot on the body of a fallen opponent while crouching and displaying a cleft mitten

Classical Heist -When you place your foot on the body of a fallen opponent to prevent them from moving

Fat Chalet -When you place your foot on the body of a fallen opponent whilst your topmiler is geometrically loaded

Chalet (Distraction) -When you use your foot in any way to deter your opponent

Chien Position (Distraction) -When you crouch on all fours

Boxe (Distraction) -When you punch with your fists to deter your opponent

Joyeux Chien -When two team players work against one opposing player, pushing the opposing player over a member of the same team in the Chien position

Le Pommes de Terre -When an opposing team member is pushed so hard that they come into horizontal contact with the ground

Frites -When multiple members of the same team are pushed away or knocked over by a single member of the opposing team

Treason -When a team member uses a strategic hold or distraction deliberately against a member of the same team

Cul -When a player pushes away or knocks down a member of the opposing team while facing away from them

Cul Nacht -When a player drags down a member of the opposing team to the ground by placing their arm round their neck

Le Skurre -When a player grabs a member of the opposing team by the calves and lifts them upwards and down to keep them on the ground

Hari Kari -When a player knocks down an opposing team member, resulting in the same effect for the opposition and the implementer of the hold (picked up from the Japanese branch of Whiteleaf)

Vous Coucher -When a player keeps an opposing player on the ground by covering their body with their own

Le Chat (Distraction) -When a player scratches another player in order to distract them

Le Gross Chat (Distraction) -When a player grabs and moves an opposing player using their hands

BonBon (Distraction) -When a team member uses their elbows against a player on the opposing team

Tanziert (Distraction) -When a team member uses erratic, non-contact, freeform dance moves to distract an opponent.

It is incredibly long, and I don't know if we want to use all the rules, but it is up to you.

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Five aside seems reasonable enough. If enough people are interested I'd certainly love to give it a go! Any park in London is fine. Hyde Park would be great. I think seeing something like that would really make passers by smile.
Um... where'd d'you get all this?
Methinks there are a lot of rules on Wikipedia...
London's pretty good for me too. Could we by any chance do it during the summer hols, towards the end. My friends away for the first half, and she'd die if she missed it!

I think we should sort of find out how many people are seriously interested, and decide on team numbers then.
I think 7!
Just out of interest (and because I'm trying to work out the rules myself for an RPG) are some of these terms made up or have I just missed them?

If they are made up may I use them?
I'm just wondering if some of those rules might cause interference by local law inforcement. Particully in hyde park.

Although it should be clear enough that we're just a buch of crazy people.